2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring
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2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring

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2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring

Test Drive

Written by Marco Carvajal
Photographs by Marco Carvajal

Certainly, Honda has been able to succeed to make the Civic a very popular vehicle in every country of the world. No matter where you go, Costa, Rica, Europe, Asia, U.S. or India you will definitely find some Honda Civics everywhere. To continue the success and tradition of the Civc, Honda produced the attractive 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring, priced at 19K.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring
5 seats

Transmission: Automatic

Engine: 1.5 L Turbo Engine

In-Line 4-Cylinder with Single-Scroll MHI TD03 Turbo and Internal Wastegate


180 HP @ 6000 rpm


162 lb-ft @ 1700-5500 rpm

Fuel tank capacity: 12.39 gal

Fuel economy:

32 MPG

Combined EPA MPG

30 city / 36 HWY


2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring

The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sports Touring can certainly be love at the first sight for many car drivers and its guests. It is as much more unusual as it is traditional and perhaps this is what makes so many people bewitched and charmed by this vehicle, especially after they find out all about its numerous advantages and value you received on this attractive model. This civic is priced with value and economy in mind, but not sacrificing beauty and style. I was surprised when I saw it for the first time, is it really a civic? it looks so stylish and sporty, it is small and compact, but who doesn’t believe than most beautiful things come in a small size. And to complete my good impression of this  Civic Hatchback Sport-Touring I loved that car buyers can get a beautiful new car for only $19,900, great value!

There are some features and details that are in my wishlist for this civic, but considering the price I think that I am getting much more than what I expected.  I would like more manual buttons, like the audio in the dashboard is very digital, but one just need to get used to it, and it is easy and fun to control.  It is fun to drive, especially this cool red civic I am driving is so attractive from the outside. The inside is also very nice, but the outside has a killer look!

Honda History

The company was founded in 1946 in Japan. I started firstly producing motorcycles. 20 years later it had already become the world`s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

The first Honda car, the Honda T360, was released in 1963 but surprisingly it was not popular at all. The sales were low in Japan as much as in the USA and other countries. However, Honda was always famous for knowing what their aim is and the way to achieve it. Finally in 1973, Honda presented its first generation of the Honda Civic, which achieved records of sales all around the world, still today the Civic is best-seller

Engine and performance

The new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sports Touring was born to save fuel. As a matter of fact, back in 1973, the first generation of Honda Civic was incredibly popular because of its great fuel economy, in contrast with the constantly growing prices for gasoline. Nowadays, our motivation to save fuel is a little different: we want to save but we also don`t want to damage the environment, we care about ecology, but whatever reason we have to buy this kind of car, Honda Civic will certainly make you happy with both, fuel economy and environment.

In terms of power, 180 HP is not bad for a compact light car like this one. The turbo engine with 1.5 Litters will make you happy on the city and one regular highways, just don’t go to the non-speed-limit Autobahn highway in Germany, there you might need some extra power.

  • 180-hp 1.5 L turbocharged engine (Sport, Sports Touring)
  • Paddle shifters (Sport with CVT, Sports Touring)
  • 6-speed manual transmission (LX, Sport)

Here is where I mostly love the Civic. Beautiful, stylish, with lots of value, for approximate $19,000, that is great! I am sure that most car buyers would love this price, especially those who are trying to save, but by saving don’t want to sacrifice on beauty and style.

Trying to be very objective, I can say that the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring is a great buy.

2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Starting at $19,900

This is not a big car, if you want a lot of space this civic is not for you, but if you like to drive a cute sporty compact, then this civic is perfect.

Some compact budget cars are not really famous for having a very comfortable and spacious interior but the brand new 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sports Touring is definitely an exception. It involves great comfort and safety no matter where or how you are driving it. The interior is beautiful and it has enough features to make you love it.

  • Heated front seats (EX and above)
  • Heated outboard rear seats (Sport Touring)
  • One-touch power moonroof (EX and above)
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control system (EX and above)
  • Multi-angle rearview camera
  • Remote engine start (EX and above)
  • Apple CarPlay10 and Android Auto integration (EX and above)

One of the biggest advantages of 2017 Hoda Civic Hatchback Sports Touring is certainly its stylish and sexy appearance. It will always look special and beautiful on any parking lot, you will notice the difference between this car and many compact cars.

  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Piano-Black Grille
  • Center-Mounted, Dual-Outlet Exhaust (Sport, Sports Touring)

These are some of the good safety features included:

  • Driver`s and front passenger`s Dual-Stage Airbags
  • Driver`s and front passenger`s Side Airbags
  • Side curtain airbags with rollover sensor
  • Vehicle stability assist
  • Anti-lock breaking system
  • Electronic brake distribution
  • Brake assist
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • ACE body structure
  • LED daytime running lights
  • LATCH system for child seats

This beautiful compact Honda civic sports car is not for conservatives. it was created for mentally young, freethinking who want to drive an stylish beautiful car without breaking their budget. The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sports.

Price at $19,900 it is a great value, but it looks like a much more expensive car.

If I was going to buy a compact car for one of my daughters, this will definitely be one of my first choices, I would know they will drive this sports civic very proudly and happy, just like Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless.

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