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Sunny Florida. Interesting must-see places

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Florida is a large state in the southeastern United States, located on the peninsula of the same name in North America. The Florida Peninsula stretches from south to north for 1200 km. Florida is a true paradise with a tropical climate, beautiful nature, and beautiful beaches on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, ideal for relaxation. Americans love to spend their holidays in Florida, going there regularly with the whole family.

The most famous city in Florida is Miami, of which Miami Beach is a part – a real mecca of beach recreation, nightlife, and entertainment (almost like in Las Vegas, but without a casino and mainly with elements of Latin American culture).

Sunny Florida

Disney World

Both adults and children should definitely visit the Disney World amusement park. Hundreds of attractions, funny clowns, and characters of your favorite cartoons, cozy cafes, and funny performances will delight travelers and give a charge of positive emotions.


A significant part of the state’s territory is occupied by marshlands, in its southern part is the Everglades National Park – one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. For vacationers, trips to the most beautiful places of the reserve are carried out: to the cleanest lakes, thickets of cypresses, and palm trees, there is even an orchid park on the territory of the reserve. The inhabitants of these places will also surprise with a variety of species: from peaceful pandas and colorful fish to mighty alligators and dangerous snakes.

Panama City Beach

Speaking about the features and benefits of Florida, the local beach resorts are definitely worth mentioning. The largest and most comfortable beach is Panama City Beach. There are many popular hotels and entertainment centers on the territory of this picturesque white sand beach. The popular beach is great for water sports and offers water skiing, surfing, sailing, and diving centers.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is calmer and less crowded. It is famous for a significant part of tourists for its nearby auto racing tracks, which are the venue for annual international competitions. Lovers of relaxation in a romantic atmosphere will love West Palm Beach, covered with white sand. Miami is famous for its luxurious beaches, where you can meet world celebrities, tourists come here for elite shopping.

Sunny Florida

Sea World

Florida is of great value for its many entertainment centers and amusement parks, many of which have long been world-famous. For those who want to learn something new and interesting about the peculiarities of marine life, it will be interesting to visit the Sea World theme park. It is strikingly different from the classic aquariums that can be visited in various cities of the world; educational excursions for adults and children of different ages are held here.

Wet and Wild

Florida is also home to the famous Wet and Wild water park, which is one of the largest in the world. The water park is open and located in a very picturesque natural area. It will take more than one day to try all its slides and attractions in action. Tourists who are limited in time and want to quickly explore the most interesting sights of the state should take a ride on the Florida National Scenic Trail. It runs throughout the state and covers the most significant natural and historical areas. One of the most interesting parts of the route is around Lake Okeechobee. Excursions to Key Largo Island, which can be reached from the coast of Miami, are very popular among nature lovers. Several years ago, the opening of the first underwater park in the United States took place on the territory of this island.

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