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All-inclusive holidays in Kemer, Turkey. How to find the best hotel and the best prices?

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Written by Daryna Lohvinova

Comfortable stay when all-inclusive

Turkey is a popular destination for travelers. Many hotels in the country operate on the “all-inclusive” system. Guests who have purchased a ticket to Turkey “all-inclusive” are offered multiple meals, alcoholic drinks, and the opportunity to use the hotel infrastructure for free. Such tours allow you to save on food costs. In 2018, such a service as “ultra all-inclusive” began to gain popularity. It includes free food, imported alcohol, access to closed bars and restaurants, spa services, and beauty salons.

Prices for holidays in Turkey

The cost of a tour to the resort depends mainly on the month in which the trip is planned and on the chosen place. The beach season in Turkey starts in May and lasts until November. The most expensive are July and August. During this period, the recreation areas are crowded with people. Then the “velvet season” begins, then the price of tours goes down.

The most popular countries with the all-inclusive system are Turkey and Egypt, which are primarily associated with such a vacation. Inexpensive options are the easiest to find in these countries. However, the price is determined not only by geography but also by hotel category. So in European countries, there are budget hotels of the 3 * and 4 * categories, which operate on the “all-inclusive” system. At the same time, the most expensive all-inclusive can be found in familiar Turkey, if the hotel is of a premium class.

The first place in popularity among Russians is occupied by all-inclusive hotels in Turkey, the second – by the facilities of Egypt. This is followed by Montenegro, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain.

The All-Inclusive system differs in nuances depending on the hotel, but usually includes a standard package of services:

  • buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • unlimited local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day;
  • “Ultra all-inclusive” includes alcohol of foreign origin and additional services in the form of instructors or free billiards, etc.

The list of free services must be checked with the hotel.

What time of the year is it better to relax in Turkey?

Holiday seasons in Turkey are divided by type of activity:

  • winter is the best time for ski tours;
  • summer is the height of a beach holiday;
  • autumn and spring are the time for excursions, health improvement, and shopping.

The beginning of the holiday season in Turkey depends on the preferences of the travelers. The beach season opens on the coast in late April-May and lasts until mid-October. Summer is the peak of tourist activity, and January and February are considered the low season when most of the territory is windy and wet.

The first resorts to host beach-goers from the CIS are:

  • Antalya;
  • Side;
  • Belek;
  • and Kemer.

More about Kemer

Kemer is a resort with pine and citrus aroma, combining sea, forest, and mountains. Sand and pebble beaches with clear waters can be found in the quiet area of ​​Tekirova, away from clubs and parties. Hotels in the resort and the surrounding area offer 4 * and 5 * and All-Inclusive recreation, swimming pools, and water parks for kids. The best are on the first line.

Kemer is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, the slopes of which are overgrown with evergreen pines. Orange and lemon groves, in which birds sing, bloom, and bear fruit. The magnificent beaches of Kemer are covered with pebbles, the water near the coast is surprisingly clean and transparent. The swimming season in Kemer begins in May and lasts almost until November.

The total area of ​​the city is 467.75 sq. M. In addition to Kemer itself, its resort area includes the nearby settlements – Camyuva, Kirish, Tekirova, Goynuk and Beldibi. Each of them has its own characteristics. The beaches in the recreation area are pebbly with a shallow and convenient entrance to the sea. The sandy coastline can be found at some hotels and in the Tekirova area.

How to choose a hotel in Turkey?

Almost all Turkish resort hotels have an ALL or UAL food system. These include meals and drinks included in the price (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic) throughout the day, sometimes around the clock.

UAL usually differs from ALL in that UAL includes alcoholic drinks not only of local production, as with ALL, but also foreign ones. UAL most often offers high-end five-star hotels. For example, in the resort of Belek there are most of such hotels.

There are a lot of club hotels in Turkish resorts (with a large territory, developed infrastructure, and a lot of entertainment for both adults and children). You can live in such hotel complexes for months without leaving them!

General rules to help you choose a hotel in Turkey:

  1. Remember that most 5 star hotels in Turkey offer quality services and facilities. Also in Turkey, there are many 4 * hotels of a really good level.
  2. When reading hotel reviews, pay attention to the hotel’s overall rating. Usually, the rating indicates the real level of the hotel. I want to warn you that bad reviews can be found in almost any hotel. Moreover, do not forget that each review is just a subjective opinion of a specific person. Your impression of the hotel may be different.
  3. When choosing a hotel, you should be guided by your previous experience. If before this trip, for example, you have only been to boarding houses in Russia, then most likely you will like almost any of the Turkish hotels. On the contrary, if you have rested in expensive five-star hotels before, the Turkish “treshka” may surprise you, to put it mildly. By the way, a lot of negative reviews about hotels are connected just with the lack of awareness of the tourist about the hotel.
  4. The low price of a hotel does not always indicate its level. The low cost may be associated with a special offer from the hotel, or due to a lucrative contract between this hotel and the tour operator.
  5. When choosing a hotel, pay attention to the area of ​​its territory – if you like small cozy hotels, you should not go to a huge hotel complex with an area of ​​200 thousand square meters, and vice versa.
  6. Pay attention to the location of the hotel – to its remoteness from the seashore, from settlements, from cafes, restaurants, and shops.
  7. Find out how lively the hotel is, what entertainment events are held there, who most often rest there – families with children or couples, single people or young people.

A unique holiday for you!

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