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Prices for hotels in Costa Rica. Apartment rent

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Costa Rica has a hotel to suit every budget, from the most basic off-the-line small hotels to five-star all-inclusive oceanfront hotels. Accommodation prices may vary depending on the season. For example, Costa Rica has a high season during the winter with high prices =) This is due to the Christmas holidays and the dry and warm season during these months in Costa Rica. I do not think that the prices for hotels in Costa Rica will surprise you very much.

Whatever you choose, I am sure that you will have an ocean of impressions from this country. Indeed, besides the ocean itself, there are so many nature reserves and simply beautiful places that are impressive and will be remembered for a lifetime.

Prices for hotels in Costa RicaPrices for hotels of different levels

Let’s consider several options for 10 nights stay.


The most economical option, as in all countries, will be a hostel. The price for 10 nights in this case could be $ 117 – $ 167 in total for two people. Isn’t it fabulous? But you must be prepared that from the window of your room you will not see the ocean even in the distance. You will most likely need to take a bus to the nearest beach. But on the other hand, it is quite possible that you will be very close to some beautiful places, there are a lot of them in Costa Rica. And sometimes in such hostels, there is even a pool. In general, Costa Rica hostels are rated by tourists from 6.9 to 8.5 points out of 10, which is very good in my opinion.

Standard Hotels

Let’s move on to the next category – hotels. Standard level hotels in Costa Rica could cost $ 300 – $ 900 in total for two people for 10 nights. There can be quite good hotels near the beach, some of them include breakfast. At this price, you can even find a small apartment with a terrace, you can feel yourself at home.

Prices for hotels in Costa RicaLuxury Hotels

Rooms in such hotels could cost from $ 1000 to $ 3000 for two people in total for 10 nights. These are undoubtedly superior rooms with excellent service and most likely all-inclusive meals. These hotels are on the first line and you can enjoy the ocean without even leaving your room (of course, it depends on the cost per room). 


By the way, as for the apartments, there are enough of them in Costa Rica. You can rent them for a specific time, either short or very long. If you want privacy, this is a very good option. Also, I think the apartment is a very good option for families. Prices start at $ 500 and almost to infinity =) This, again, is related to the level of the apartments and their location. The prices for some of the most exclusive apartments with a gorgeous view go up to $ 3,000 in total for 10 nights for two.

All prices are approximate, as they depend on many factors. Such as distance from the beach or nature reserves, the level of the hotel, service, food, and drinks, etc. I gave the average statistics for the country, which you can focus on. Prices for hotels in Costa Rica may change depending on the season.

Despite the not very budgetary vacation (considering the cost of a flight from distant countries), Costa Rica has a lot of advantages for vacationers. Beautiful and, importantly, clean beaches, many protected areas, unique handicaps, and fauna that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Prices for hotels in Costa RicaRelax with pleasure and not without adventure! Of course pleasant =)

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