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Holidays in Cancun. What do tourists need to know?

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Written by Daryna Logvinova

Cancun is a very popular resort in Mexico. Here tourists are waiting for snow-white beaches, clear water with a turquoise tint, emerald palm trees. Entertainment is not limited to this – shopping, spa centers, sea fish fishing, exciting diving, surfing with kitesurfing, diving into the charm of the jungle, getting to know the Mayan civilization, and much more.

The city is divided into the Center and the hotel area. The main attraction of Cancun is the bullring, built at one time by the Spaniards. This resort has become a favorite of the Americans. People from other parts of the planet are also gradually catching up to them. Nevertheless, it is not easy for residents of Europe and neighboring countries to get to Mexico, you may have to fly with 2-3 changes and spend almost a day on the road. But isn’t amazing Mexico worth the effort?!

Climate in Cancun

There are only 2 seasons in Cancun:

  1. The dry season begins in May and ends in October.
  2. Wet – November to April.

We recommend relaxing in Cancun during the New Year holidays. After all, it is at this time that the sun always shines here, there is no precipitation and strong wind. Also during the high season in Cancun, the sea is calm, which makes it possible to enjoy it to the fullest.

Cancun beaches

Cancun is considered a favorite among all Mexican resorts. And this is no coincidence since the coastline it stretches for more than 20 km. Moreover, all the beaches are well equipped and free. At the “service” of vacationers is white soft sand, combined with transparent turquoise water.

If you prefer a family vacation with children, then you will love the first 9 km of the beach to Punta Cancun. There are few waves, the water is calm and calm, a gentle entrance to the sea, a landscaped area. For this, the beaches of Pes Volador, Linda, Las Perlast, Langosta, and a number of others are best suited.

If you want an active holiday, then the beaches of Chuck Mul, Playa Delfines, Marlin are absolutely suitable. They are no less picturesque, but there are not so many people here, as the waves do not subside here. Perhaps this is a surfer’s paradise.

Holidays in Cancun

Must-sees in Cancun

The city of Cancun is good because here you can not only enjoy a beach vacation with all that it implies, but also visit such attractions as:
  • Bullfighting arena. This is one of the main cultural and historical attractions of the resort. The Plaza de Toros is located right at the intersection of Culcan Boulevard and Bonampak Avenue. Here the tradition of bullfighting has never died, originating many centuries ago, in 1526, when the Spaniards were in these lands. Accordingly, to this day, as soon as Wednesday comes, a bullfight begins in the arena, and before that, the audience is entertained by local cowboys.
  • Pyramids of ancient Mayan cities turned into ruins, full of secrets and mysteries. The Royal Ruins now occupy the golf course at the Hilton Cancun Hotel. The pyramid with a dungeon deserves special attention. Going down into which you will see bright frescoes and temple-hills, hiding in bananas and papaya. The iguanas living here add a special charm to the surroundings.
  • Ecological and archaeological park Shkaret, which has no analogs in the whole world.
  • Rio Lagartos is very popular, which means “Crocodile River” in Russian, which is a small fishing village, right from where you can go by motorboat straight into the mangrove jungle, where pink flamingos living in natural conditions are already waiting for you.
  • Ecological reserve Park Shel Ha, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Here tourists will find picturesque natural views, a sea bay, karst lakes, and many options for entertainment. Try diving, swim with dolphins, and just soak up every ray of the Mexican sun!

Holidays in Cancun

Also in Cancun there are such entertainments:
  • Museum of National Art. It has carefully collected an impressive collection of traditional Indian masks and their cult objects, as well as a variety of costumes/tools. It will be interesting and informative for all those who are not indifferent to Mexican culture and history.
  • Cancun Tower. It is located in the landscaped area of the Embarcadero complex. In Mexican, its name sounds like “La Torre Cancun”. It is worth climbing up here to enjoy the breathtaking view of this resort town.
  • Water Amusement Park. Vacationers with children will find at the end of Bulevara Kukulkán the new Wetn Wild water park with the best water attractions, and a similar institution.
  • An underwater museum with sculptures that give the impression of people frozen in a moment, hidden under the thickness of seawater.

Finally, holidays in Cancun will surely not leave anyone indifferent. Come and enjoy the beautiful beaches, nature reserves, water parks, and everything else that Mexico has to offer to its tourists.

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