Holidays in the Dominican Republic
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Holidays in the Dominican Republic: useful tips for tourists

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The Dominican Republic is a state similar to heaven on Earth. Rest in the Dominican Republic is a dream of many people. And this is not surprising, because everything here is at the highest level – the whitest sand of the most gorgeous beaches, the most luxurious tropical nature, friendly locals, and a comfortable stay. In addition, there are 16 national parks and reserves in the Dominican Republic, where you can observe both unique species of animals and plants, and wonderful natural landscapes of the tropics. In this country, the peak of Duarte is located – the highest point in the Antilles, the ascent of which attracts many tourists.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

When is the best time to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic?

The big plus of this country is that you can relax here almost all year round. Namely: from December to March, and in summer in July-August. At this time it is warm and dry here, there is no rain. By the way, in the Dominican Republic, it is always warm, the air temperature in winter is 26 degrees, the water temperature is 27. This area is replete with nature reserves, waterfalls, and coral reefs. Those who come to the Dominican Republic forget about the problems, indulging in rest surrounded by mountains – the Cordilleras, palm trees, the sea, waterfalls, and local exotic inhabitants.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Among the resorts of the Dominican Republic, one can be distinguished that has earned the fame of one of the best – this is Punta Cana. Here you can spend time actively or indulge in a relaxing holiday. In addition, here you can walk in beautiful parks. Lovers of tropical animals will love Manati Park – here you can chat with dolphins, attend a parrot show, watch crocodiles, sea lions, and iguanas. It would be great to come here with children. As for the hotels in Punta Cana, the infrastructure in them is decent – there are swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, horseback riding services along the coastline. And of course, the service in hotels is top-notch.

Useful tips for tourists in the Dominican Republic:

  • We do not recommend drinking water or juices in the Dominican Republic without checking the source. After all, even in the best hotels, there is a possibility of getting sick. The piped water in this country is not clean. It can also be diluted with juices. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is better to drink water only from closed drinking bottles.
  • In order to avoid problems with food, it is better to choose an all-inclusive package. In this case, you will avoid problems with products and the unpleasant consequences of their use. But if you live in a hotel without meals or rent an apartment, then wash thoroughly and always use disinfectant wipes.
  • To avoid unnecessary expenses, always take a bottle of water with you wherever you go. This is a miserable country and you can’t do without water.
  • If you live in a hotel and there is a safe in your room, use it. The Dominican Republic is not the safest country. Therefore, it is best not to carry cash with you. It will also not be superfluous to make copies of all documents.
  • If you dine in a restaurant, always check the bill. Tipping is usually given exclusively in local currency (5-10%).

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

  • Try not to pay in advance anywhere other than hotels. For example, you can pay a taxi driver at the beginning of the journey, but at the end, he will forget about it and you will not be able to prove your case.
  • Doctors advise getting vaccinated against typhoid fever, polio, and hepatitis B before the trip. This is due to the fact that near the border with Haiti there is a possibility of contracting malaria.
  • The Dominican Republic has a high crime rate. It is better not to attract attention here with expensive jewelry, unreliable bags, and wallets. It is better to take the minimum amount of money you may need on excursions Hide cameras and phones in your bag. Also, never leave your belongings in the car or on the tour bus. Car thefts are very common here.
  • Regarding movement, it is better to use excursion routes. Renting a car in the Dominican Republic is not the best solution, as the local driving style is not the safest and you can easily get into an accident. Better to use public transport or taxis.
  • It is better to buy groceries in supermarkets. Here, the quality is likely to be good and the prices are optimal.

In conclusion, with the onset of the evening in the Dominican Republic, the nightlife comes alive, here you will find discos and restaurants, as well as casinos and other entertainment establishments. And for those who want to preserve the memory of the Dominican Republic for a long time, there are many outlets where you can buy souvenirs, rum, cigars, and locally produced coffee.

However, for all the charm of these resorts, it should be remembered that the Dominican Republic is a country with a high crime rate. Exercise caution, follow basic safety rules – and you will get a charge of good emotions for a lifetime! Have a nice trip!

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