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Work and travel in China. What to expect?

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Written by Daryna Lohvinova

Traveling to Asia is an unforgettable experience that you can share with the Extravaganza. In a country as large as China, there are many must-see attractions. And it seems that this is impossible in one trip. But Extravaganza makes programs for its tourists that allow them to get to know the country 100 percent. And to begin with, we will interest you in the seven “wonders” of China.

The Great Wall of China is one of the main attractions of antiquity, which has survived to our time. The construction of about 9000 km long, the thickness of the walls of which is 5-8 meters, and the height is on average 6-7 meters, was the creation of human hands. On all sections of the wall, without exception, tourists have the opportunity to observe beautiful landscapes. The Great Wall of China is one of China’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Terracotta Army is the accepted name for the burials of statues of 8,000 Chinese warriors and their horses at the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Xi’an. When you look at this “clay” army, it seems that the warriors will now come to life. And all because each figure of 2 meters high has its own unique face. The human features depicted on clay are different.

Temple of Heaven is a temple and monastery complex in central Beijing, which includes the only round temple in the city – the Harvest Temple. It is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage of Humanity. Centuries ago, every year on the day of the winter solstice (December 22), the emperor came to the Temple of Heaven to pray to Heaven and ask him for a good harvest. Once this territory was inaccessible to ordinary people, but now tourists and locals walk freely here.

Jin Mao is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Asia (420 meters), which is the hallmark of Shanghai. It is a symbol of modern China, from which an incredible landscape opens up. It is a truly beautiful structure, reminiscent of a raised bamboo shoot or old Chinese pagodas.

Beihai Park is an imperial park in Beijing, whose landscapes and structures embody the magnificent architectural style and the unique art of creating a Chinese traditional garden – a true masterpiece of landscape design.

Taishan is a mountain in the Chinese province of Shandong, its height reaches 1545 meters. The mountain has great cultural and historical significance and is one of the five sacred mountains of Taoism. Traditionally, the mountain was considered the habitat of Taoist saints and immortals. The mountain has a long history and is at the center of Chinese mythological beliefs. It is the highest point in eastern China, and in the East, it was believed that this is the place where the sky meets the earth.

Zhangjiajie is China’s first National Forest Park. Tourists are attracted here by quartzite rocks 800 meters high. The highest peaks of the Wulingyuan massif reach three kilometers. The mountain peaks are covered with dense crowns of trees, many of which are more than one century old. Visiting Zhangjiajie, you will feel like one of the inhabitants of Pandora from the fantastic movie “Avatar”.

China is the most populous country in the world. More than 1.3 billion people live in its territory. For many years, a fine in the amount of ten annual incomes was paid for the birth of a second child in this country. From January 1, 2016, the fine was canceled.

At times, it seems that China is all made up of small states that are completely different from each other. Modern megalopolises, the splendor of expensive life, and very close to tiny villages with two-story, squalid houses and old junks on the surface of dirty rivers. And only the figures of the ubiquitous Chinese, cultivating the land, selling various trinkets, working, working from dawn to late evening somehow make such contrasting landscapes related.

Language. How to communicate with Chinese

You don’t need to know Chinese to travel to China. Moreover, many live there for years without knowing the Chinese and feel great. Yes, not all Chinese speak English, and not everywhere. Most often these are young people living in large cities. But – for travelers, this is not a problem, because you can always use such means of communication as:

Gestures in China

Facial expressions and gestures are a universal international language that is understood by most of the peoples of the world. In fact, people do not perceive a huge part of information verbally. You don’t even need a language for that. Where to find a place to sleep, where you can eat, how much a product or service costs – all this can be explained, literally, on fingers.

Translators and communication apps in China

Mobile applications for online and offline translation. If there is no Internet, you can use offline GoogleTranslate and any other dictionaries and translators, such as Pleco Chinese Dictionary, Chinese-Russian Dictionary, and others. But the best option, if you have a mobile Internet is Baidu Translate. You substitute the microphone, speak the desired phrase in English, and it is immediately translated into Chinese in writing. It is best to download this program, although all Chinese, even in not very large cities, have such a translator on their phone and if they don’t understand what you’re trying to convey to them in English, they will definitely use it, they don’t even need to ask them about it. it is necessary.


If neither gestures nor Google Translate helped, and there is no Internet on the phone, and your interlocutor does not realize that you can use Baidu Translate, that is, the best tool is a schematic drawing. If you need to find out where and what time the bus goes to your destination, just draw it on paper. For example, when I needed to know how to get to Huangshan National Park, I drew mountains, a bus, and a clock with a question mark. Everything became clear.


Transportation is one of the most expensive aspects of any travel, but getting the right preparation can save you money.

Try to plan your trip ahead of time. The reason is that airlines usually issue discounted tickets a few months before departure and you will have a wide variety of destinations and affordable tickets that any student will love. For example, airlines such as Spring Airlines and West Air offer cheap tickets for domestic flights in China. However, it is worth considering that additional charges will apply for onboard services such as drinks and meals.

Traveling by rail is always a great option for a budget vacation. Moreover, for long-distance travelers, there is nothing better than an overnight train ride. In China, train tickets go on sale 60 days before departure and are in high demand, so it is best to book all tickets in advance.

Intercity buses are also a great way to get around. Unlike trains that run at fixed times, buses are more flexible and leave every few minutes or hourly. Alternatively, you can reach some of the outlying areas by bus. Tickets can be booked one to three days before departure. For some less popular routes, you can buy a ticket on the day of departure.

Public buses, metro, and taxis are the main modes of transport in the city. For visitors on a budget, public buses and subways are best. You can buy a city transport card with a discount (at least 30%) on travel. It is especially recommended in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Guangzhou.

Budget travel tips

  1. Try to avoid traveling during peak seasons, especially during holidays. Vacation times mean high hotel prices, expensive flights, inadequate train tickets, and crowded attractions.
  2. Take advantage of the internet, some attractions have a discounted entry ticket when booking online. Many travel sites and shops also sell discounted ride tickets. It’s worth taking the time to research.
  3. Visit Free Recreation Areas – Most of China’s museums have free admission and are good places for students to learn about the country’s history and culture. Free parks, town squares, markets, and shopping malls are the best places to explore Chinese daily life.
  4. International student ID holders can enjoy discounts at shops, museums, hotels, and airlines in Hong Kong, Macau, and some cities in mainland China. Trains and attractions in mainland China do not offer discounts for international students.

Work in China for foreigners

The most powerful in the world is currently the economy of China. The new superpower has confidently bypassed such economically developed countries as Germany and Singapore in terms of the employment of citizens.

It is much more profitable to do business in China. In turn, in the wake of the settling of the country by foreign business, broad prospects have opened up for immigrant specialists. All they need is to look for and find work by vocation.

The most powerful in the world is currently the economy of China. The new superpower has confidently bypassed such economically developed countries as Germany and Singapore in terms of the employment of citizens.

It is much more profitable to do business in China. In turn, in the wake of the settling of the country by foreign business, broad prospects have opened up for immigrant specialists. All they need is to look for and find work by vocation.

In China, IT specialists, engineers, architects can easily find work. But the greatest chances of finding a job in China are those who are fluent in English. China is developing by leaps and bounds: all production facilities work for export in one way or another, respectively, all large enterprises need employees with knowledge of the English language – for contacts with foreign partners.

Interestingly, according to some foreigners in China, finding a job while already in the country is easier than looking for it on the Internet. This is due to the opportunity to come for an interview, personally meet the employer, show yourself, your English. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to first come to China on a tourist visa, live there for a while and go for a few interviews – and then, in case of a successful job search, apply for a longer visa.

Unlike work, it is better to start looking for housing in China in advance. This can be done through agencies, but then you have to pay 100% commission.

A foreigner can obtain the right to work in China under the following conditions:

  • be 18 years of age or older and in good health;
  • have the professional knowledge and work experience necessary for the desired employment;
  • have no criminal record;
  • have a clearly defined employer;
  • have a valid passport or other international travel documents that replace it.

A foreigner intending to get a job in China must, in accordance with the provisions of Chinese law, conclude an employment contract with the employer and issue a certificate of employment and residence permit in a timely manner. In the event of labor and other disputes, while working in China, we advise him to contact a Chinese lawyer for help in order to maximize his legal rights and interests.

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